• Cascade Hanging Screen

    Open plan environments never need to feel overwhelming as we bring you our most stylish and forward-thinking solution to create privacy. Cascade™, just like its name suggests, is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that simply fall from the ceiling in unique patterns designed with your privacy in mind.

    This allows light and line of sight to penetrate through, leaving the feeling of an open space while creating spatial privacy.


    • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
    • A complete system, simple to install straight out of the box
    • A wide range of designs and colours
    • Lightweight and incredibly easy to handle onsite
    • Easily retrofitted to existing spaces
    • Semi-permanent so that you can change your space as required
    • Environmentally conscious product with recycled material content and
    no added chemical binders
    • Cascade™ is low VOC, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic and
    contains no Red List chemicals so you know it’s safe and great for indoor
    environmental quality (IEQ)
    • Custom designs available
    • Fixed or suspended acoustic partition system, improving your internal
    environment by lowering reverberation and background chatter
    • Creates breakout zones in large open plan areas
    • A feature element or a subtle backdrop
    • Creates the feel of privacy in open-plan areas
    • Easily added in acoustic absorption for reverberant spaces


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