Not so long ago, the design trends in new start-up companies were centred on looking cool and appealing to younger talent. The most important office furniture purchases, particularly for young tech businesses and shared workspaces were thought to be foosball tables and slides.

However it appears now that office design trends have become more sophisticated as people realise their how important the choice of designer office furniture is in representing the brand and company culture. And "cool" might only be one of many values you want your company to be recognised for.

Storage, for example was once seen as dull and purely functional, but has recently become more of a design feature for the modern workplace, adding sought after character and versatility to a workspace. While function is still key, new designs and styles are seeing storage furniture become a popular solution to a number of office design issues.

Storage furniture is being used more to divide up large open spaces and some clever designs such as the R2 even enable storage solutions to double up as additional soft seating. As storage designs have developed - take the console for example - the furniture is becoming something that would be equally at home in the family dining room as in the formal surrounds of the boardroom.


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