The modern office environment is changing and 'activity based working' has become a focal point. Don't underestimate the value of updating your office layout and introducing modern furniture. If you are planning to remodel your workspace here are some key considerations to help ensure a successful office furniture fit out.


Think about how you want your new office to work. Research shows for example that face to face interactions are the most important activity in the office when it comes to measurably improving performance so this sort of information might determine how your office will look.

Activity Based Workspace

As we understand more about how we work and who we work with, companies are able to use this knowledge to design their workspaces to improve both well-being and performance.

For example, in an activity based workspace, flexibility is the key with diverse activity areas suited for different tasks. Workers have the freedom to alter their environment with manipulable furnishings.

Encouraging physical movement such as the use of stand up desks is another hallmark of the activity based workspace. The traditional workplace where we sit for hours on end is seen as impractical and unhealthily sedentary.

Zones for Focus and Relaxation

While flexibility is important, you will still need areas dedicated to specific tasks, particularly quiet spaces for focused work. Workers also need to take regular breaks to be productive. You should provide a coffee area, preferably with seating so that impromptu meetings can also take place.


Frequently overlooked, details like lighting, colours and quality furniture and fixtures will play a big role in setting the culture of your workspace.

Make a Plan

When you're clear about what you want the new space to achieve, develop a rough plan for the layout and furniture installation and when you need it to happen.


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