The evolution of the modern office space has changed rapidly in the last five years. Say goodbye to standard cubicles and desks and say hello to collaborative and innovative workspaces that somewhat take inspiration from the comfort of one's own home. People spend 30% of their life in the office, so why not make it an attractive and inviting place to spend that time. The idea that a workplace should strive to retain and attract employees to a business is becoming more prominent, and we are seeing businesses redevelop their office to create a space that inspires productivity and unlocks creativity.




Why are we seeing such drastic changes you may ask? Well, the answer is technology.

Technology is changing the way we work, and in a workplace today you want the technology to enable and enhance productivity in an efficient and innovative way. Being able to work from anywhere on mobile devices, means we aren't bound to one desk, this allows designers to get creative with how they lay out an office. Open-plan offices now have a good mix of divider units and pods for meeting spaces and are even more outside the box. We are now seeing every nook and cranny used as a workspace, ones which you might have never imagined could be used as workspaces. These spaces encourage employees to interact with one another and offer variety and flexibility for different working styles.

Not only is technology changing the way businesses want to develop their workplace but the line between work, home and socialising is becoming more blurred and personal well being is becoming a big focus for many businesses. A good work/life balance is becoming more important and is being driven by the millennials, thus urging companies to adapt accordingly considering they are the future generation of the workplace. By having a space that can create a ‘home-away-from-home' atmosphere is attracting, style boundaries are being pushed in terms of furniture and it is not so unusual to see a lounge-like style that offers workers comfortable non-formal areas of work. As well as having these relaxed and comfortable workspaces, being able to have a cup of coffee, play a game of foosball to unwind, or a chill out zone creates an appealing work/life balance... and you know what they say, happy employees are productive employees.



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