Want to know how to work smarter not harder when it comes to your desk set-up at work?

There are many ways to make your desk and work area more productive for boosted motivation during your work day, starting with the desk itself.

Our bodies are not designed to sit for prolonged periods of time and we are seeing more and more businesses purchase height adjustable desks for their office space. Experts say that standing desks should be at every modern office today, and we should all be aiming to stand for at least half our day. With health and wellbeing becoming a focus, being able to offer a sit-to-stand desk can be a very attractive selling point when recruiting new employees.

Having the choice of sitting or standing throughout the day not only provides health benefits but also helps with focus and motivation. There are a few options when purchasing a standing desk; a manual wind adjustable desk or deskalator are great if you have a limited budget, or choose an electric desk if you are looking for a convenient and fast option. Be sure to add a floor mat for ergonomics and comfort whilst standing.

Other factors for productivity when you’re working including ensuring your desk is set up near a window to let as much natural light in as possible. The benefits of having more exposure to natural light are well-documented, and include improved sleep, less headaches and eye strain and fewer mistakes.

Proper set up of accessories on your desk such as your keyboard, mouse and monitor/s so you can easily switch between screens and maintain an ergonomic posture can mean less injury and pain from hunching over a laptop. However, take care to ensure that you keep your desk and workspace as clutter free as you can.

Make your space personal where possible so it's actually enjoyable to be in. The addition of plants not only adds vibrancy but also offers benefits such as boosting creativity, reducing stress and cleaning the air. Regular breaks are recommended as well.


If your office space could do with a revamp to boost productivity, or if you need some advice on desking set-up for your staff, contact our team today for a discussion.


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