Your office desk is a place of creativity, thoughts, and hard work. With the endless hours spent in an office, a desk becomes home to a computer, a phone and many other things that are essential to the day to day running of your business. They are both a large physical purchase and also one that may be a large expense, so you should take the time to research which desk will fit your requirements. They come in many different styles and materials and what might work for one person may not work for the other, essentially a desk can be a very personal thing.


We have put together some key points to consider when investing in your executive office desk:

  • The design; A well-designed office connects functionality and style. It can be a reflection of the business, responsibility and type of work performed, and essentially a reflection of the person who works in that office.
  • The size and dimensions; You want your desk to be organised and have good use of space and storage. Will you meet with clients and colleagues?
  • Technology; With technology now being a big factor in the day to day running of any business you want to consider how your desk will serve you technically. USB points, cable management, and wireless docking stations are all an attractive option when deciding what desk is for you.


Here are some of our favourite executive desks:


Gate Executive Desk, the perfect fit for a Financial Officer

Gate is named after its main platform, serving as a bridge for storage units and accessories. Gate provides a practical and innovative solution for executives with different working habits and styles. You can choose to fit the desk with two legs, or one side leaning on the nightstand, enabling you to design your workspace to meet your needs. Some of its key features are:

  • Gate offers a strong and sturdy work surface with the option of a variety of widths, as well as front panel and leg options.
  • Complete your office by selecting from a range of spacious storage units, islands, coffee tables and bookcases to cater to all sorts of working styles.
  • Cable organisation available to keep you organised, tidy and looking sharp. The data, telephone and power cables run through the legs to the cable trays in the main axle and then to the desks, preventing cable pollution
  • Match with a Me Too chair for the ultimate combo

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    Inno Executive Desk, the perfect fit for an Architect or Creative Director

    Inno, named after 'innovation' includes powerful design details and technology solutions. Its design displays a perfect harmony of wood, leather and metal with master craftsmanship. If you have an eye for design and unique materials this is the desk for you.

    • An executive desk that means business, with a range of lengths and finishes to suit your space
    • Sleek and minimalist design details with matching Inno cabinets for plenty of storage
    • Store away important documents in a touch operated desk pad, which offers multiple compartments.
    • Optional smart locking cabinets and wireless mobile charging support
    • Stay free from clutter with cable management solutions via Nurus Links technology. Get easy access to VGA, HDMI, USB, data connections, power switches and more...
    • Pair with the Aura chair to finish off the look

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    Brooklyn Executive Desk, the perfect fit for an Interior Designer

    Brooklyn executive system takes its name from the famous, iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Geometric metal legs introduce depth by letting the light through and casting intriguing shadows from every angle. The contrasting wood and metal, adds warmth with an industrial feel. These details and eye-catching designs make it the perfect option for the interior designer, who wants to add elegance and grace to their workspace.

    • Available in a wide range of combinations, lengths and finishes, with light or dark legs options
    • Brooklyn executive desks come with a side desk and storage unit. They can also be accompanied by cabinets, pedestals, coffee tables and bookcases in the same finish and design
    • The metal materials used in its production are 100% recyclable and the E1 standard wood is 100% reusable

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    Ashbury Executive Desk, the perfect fit for a Digital Marketing Director

    The Ashbury range combines technological furnishing with striking looks, to bring unique solutions that match today's executive's dynamic work style. It allows intimate and effective communication between managers and their guests, thanks to its refined design geometry. This is the desk for anyone who works in the digital world. You can be connected instantaneously and share ideas and projects with clients or colleagues in a flash with the additional multimedia screen unit.

    • Choose between an oval, asymmetric or triangle shape desk to suit your requirements
    • Personalisations available including optional desk pad, Nurus Links technology, an HD monitor, size, a choice of leg configurations and storage
    • The built-in High Definition (HD) monitor allows multimedia presentations and video conferences to be made without leaving the seat. The monitor unit may be raised to eye level, hidden or stored away using a fluid mechanism
    • Charging mobile devices is a breeze with Ashbury’s wireless charging features and USB connections
    • German Design Winner 2016
    • Ashbury is manufactured from materials that are a hundred per cent recyclable
    • Matches perfectly with the Aura Chair

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    Silva Executive Desk, the perfect fit for a Lawyer

    Silva manager desks provide effective solutions for the needs of managers while offering them the chance to reflect their styles and character. The simplistic design of Silva creates a professional and modern work environment and allows easy organisation of the work area. The length of the desk allows you to hold meetings with clients or colleagues right at your desk while remaining tidy, organised and professional.

    • A variety of leg choices featured in Silva help customize your workspace and reflect your style
    • Workstations, coffee tables and meeting tables are available in this collection to create a cohesive office feel
    • Optional legends include a traditional four-legged desk, a single or double legged desk with a side-table or a circular end. These options provide plenty of shape and size varieties to the executive desk and ensure space management is perfected to suit your needs
    • Cable trays and mounted canals deliver electrical connections to users in an orderly manner from under the table slab, preventing cable mess and visual pollution.

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