• Lunar Desks

    Lunar adds a new dimension to work areas with its single desks, islands, and double and triple workstations. With Lunar, you can use your work area efficiently both for individual work and small group work.

    Lunar strengthens the interaction between workers, helping to increase efficiency and motivation. With screens that personalise work areas, it enables individualised work as well.
    Lunar single desks may be used as double-legged or as part of a side desk, and are ideal for single work areas and home offices.
    Lunar workstations are designed for two and three people work groups, enabling efficient use of work areas and easy collaboration between staff.

    Please Note: this product has an appoximate 16 week lead time.

    Desk, Door & Modesty Panel Colour
    Melamine 001 Melamine 001
    Melamine 002 Melamine 002
    Melamine 003 Melamine 003
    Melamine 006 Melamine 006
    Melamine 050 Melamine 050
    Melamine 051 Melamine 051
    Melamine 052 Melamine 052
    Melamine 053 Melamine 053
    Melamine 054 Melamine 054
    Leg Colour
    Metal N0001 Metal N0001
    Metal N0020 Metal N0020
    Metal N0040 Metal N0040
    Metal N8019 Metal N8019
    Metal N9006 Metal N9006
    Metal N9010 Metal N9010

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