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    Staying in one position and sitting constantly is exhausting and unhealthy for the human body. Otto enables a more flexible working style with its smooth operation between sitting and standing.

    Otto is the ideal choice for private offices as well as collaborative working areas and open offices. It also supports efficient stand-up meetings. Its handy electric connection allows users to easily access power and prevent cable clutter.

    In accordance with international norms, Otto's mechanism allows continuous adjustment desktop heights, from 69cm to 119cm. It is possible to make the height adjustments either with the built-in controls or wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology on a smart phone or tablet, through a complimentary application.

    We all know sedentary lifestyle is the cause of several health problems. Otto is a new generation work system that integrates technology with user-centred design. It enables multiple working postures by supporting both sitting and standing positions, keeping your body healthier and making it easier to move while you work.

    Otto Omnia can be customisable with colourful panels and accessories.



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    Top Colour
    Melamine 001 Melamine 001
    Melamine 002 Melamine 002
    Melamine 003 Melamine 003
    Melamine 006 Melamine 006
    Melamine 050 Melamine 050
    Melamine 051 Melamine 051
    Melamine 052 Melamine 052
    Melamine 053 Melamine 053
    Melamine 054 Melamine 054
    Blurred Oak Veneer Blurred Oak Veneer
    Chestnut Veneer Chestnut Veneer
    Sapelli Veneer Sapelli Veneer
    Sycamore Veneer Sycamore Veneer
    Teak Veneer Teak Veneer
    V. Walnut Veneer V. Walnut Veneer
    Walnut Veneer Walnut Veneer
    White Oak Veneer White Oak Veneer
    Black R. Veneer Black R. Veneer
    Oak R. Veneer Oak R. Veneer
    Walnut R. Veneer Walnut R. Veneer
    Leg Colour
    Metal 0001 Metal 0001
    Metal 0020 Metal 0020
    Metal 0040 Metal 0040
    Metal 8019 Metal 8019
    Metal 9006 Metal 9006
    Metal 9010 Metal 9010

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