• Renée


    Renée desks create a cozy and elegant workspace in the home office. The wood desktop is warm and inviting and the modern design brings a touch of style. 

    Functional design and sophisticated features are offered in a compact desk form. Renée comes with an eco-leather desk pad with anti-stain technology, removable magnetic storage shelves and access to power connections from your seat, reducing cable clutter.

    Enjoy a relaxed work environment at home with Renée.  


    Top Colour
    Blurred Oak Veneer Blurred Oak Veneer
    Sycamore Veneer Sycamore Veneer
    V. Walnut Veneer V. Walnut Veneer
    White Oak Veneer White Oak Veneer
    Chestnut Veneer Chestnut Veneer
    Teak Veneer Teak Veneer
    Walnut Veneer Walnut Veneer
    Black R. Veneer Black R. Veneer
    Oak R. Veneer Oak R. Veneer
    Walnut R. Veneer Walnut R. Veneer
    Leg and Table Edge Colour
    Metal N0001 Metal N0001
    Metal N0020 Metal N0020
    Metal N0040 Metal N0040
    Metal N8019 Metal N8019
    Metal N9006 Metal N9006
    Metal N9010 Metal N9010

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