• U Too Desks

    Young and modern in design, U Too desks are designed for those who have varying work and life styles. U Too desks allow the most efficient use of work areas, and the storage unit options offer the chance to construct functional work spaces.

    U Too single desks are the ideal option for home offices and individual work areas with their simple form and functionality.

    U Too workstations help with creating productive and efficient work areas where a large number of people work, supporting brain storming and creative sharing.

    U Too islands can be constructed in different styles depending on the number of people, due to their flexible structure. They support socialising and team work, with users easily able to access power, phone, internet and lighting cables which are carried to the island via a channel placed on the cabinet (as pictured).

    Bring a combination of professionalism, warmth and life to offices with U Too desks.

    The U Too range also includes executive desks, meeting desks, armchairs and sofas, providing a unified solution across work areas.

    Please Note: this product has an appoximate 16 week lead time.

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    Top and Modesty Panel Colour
    Melamine 001 Melamine 001
    Melamine 002 Melamine 002
    Melamine 003 Melamine 003
    Melamine 006 Melamine 006
    Melamine 050 Melamine 050
    Melamine 051 Melamine 051
    Melamine 052 Melamine 052
    Melamine 053 Melamine 053
    Melamine 054 Melamine 054
    Blurred Oak Veneer Blurred Oak Veneer
    Chestnut Veneer Chestnut Veneer
    Sapelli Veneer Sapelli Veneer
    Sycamore Veneer Sycamore Veneer
    Teak Veneer Teak Veneer
    V. Walnut Veneer V. Walnut Veneer
    Walnut Veneer Walnut Veneer
    White Oak Veneer White Oak Veneer
    Black R. Veneer Black R. Veneer
    Oak R. Veneer Oak R. Veneer
    Walnut R. Veneer Walnut R. Veneer
    Lacquer 0020 Lacquer 0020
    Lacquer 0040 Lacquer 0040
    Lacquer 8019 Lacquer 8019
    Lacquer 9016 Lacquer 9016
    Lacquer 0001 Lacquer 0001
    Acrylic 1000 (Modesty P. only) Acrylic 1000 (Modesty P. only)
    Acrylic 2806 (Modesty P. only) Acrylic 2806 (Modesty P. only)
    Acrylic 4802 (Modesty P. only) Acrylic 4802 (Modesty P. only)
    Acrylic 5807 (Modesty P. only) Acrylic 5807 (Modesty P. only)
    Acrylic 7250 (Modesty P. only) Acrylic 7250 (Modesty P. only)
    Leg Colour
    Metal 0001 Metal 0001
    Metal 0020 Metal 0020
    Metal 0040 Metal 0040
    Metal 8019 Metal 8019
    Metal 9006 Metal 9006
    Metal 9010 Metal 9010

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