• Lips

    Named after its shape, Lips is a rocking pouffe that assures a gentle motion during a creative meeting or in a focused individual session. By activating muscles, it supports active sitting by requiring minimum effort of the user to move. The energizing form supports free thinking in meetings where brainstorming takes place. 

    Easy to move around and carry, Lips is lightweight with carefully considered dimensions to allow both adults and children to use. It complies with safety standards with its well-balanced structure and fire-resistant upholstery and filling materials.
    The body is made up of 30mm 32 density and 45 density foam coated on 20kg /m3 styrofoam , covered with Serge Ferrari One Series Artificial Leather or Camira Blazer Series fabric.
    The base is made of 3mm beech plywood, cut and processed in CNC, then pressed and molded.
    Available in a range of colours.

    Please Note: this product has an appoximate 16 week lead time.

    Fabric Options
    Wool 1L Wool 1L
    Wool 008 Wool 008
    Wool 028 Wool 028
    Wool 035 Wool 035
    Wool 047 Wool 047
    Wool 012 Wool 012
    Wool 082 Wool 082
    Wool 039 Wool 039
    Wool 021 Wool 021
    Wool 063 Wool 063
    Wool 1L Wool 1L
    Wool 1W Wool 1W
    Wool 002 Wool 002
    Wool 1R Wool 1R
    Wool 1K Wool 1K

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