How to choose an ergonomic office chair

Given the huge number of hours we spend sitting at our office desks during the working week, ensuring you have the right task chair is hugely important to your health, well-being and productivity.

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Why sit stand desks are taking over offices everywhere

Retail and hospitality workers complain of sore backs after standing all day long. Office workers have similar grumbles after hours spent sitting at a desk. So, what’s the answer? Both!

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6 office design trends we are likely to see in 2018

Conventional workplaces are increasingly being phased out and replaced with collaborative spaces which encourage innovation, motivation and productivity. 2018 will see this movement continue.

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How to maximise your office space with activity based working

Spent another week squeezing new hires into offices already bulging at the seams? It’s time to rethink the way your office works.

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How Office Design and Furniture Trends are Changing

Not so long ago, the design trends in new start-up companies were centred on looking cool and appealing to younger talent.

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Using Office Furniture and Design to Engage Employees

As companies continue to focus on building better office environments, design innovations and designer office furniture must reflect the changing modern working experience in order to keep staff engaged.

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How the colours in your office impact mood and productivity

​Ever wondered what colours are best to use in the office? Different colours have different effects on your mood, productivity and the impression you give clients and visitors.

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10 things you must know about office furniture before you make your choice

​Office furniture is arguably as important, if not more important than the location of your office.

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Why working with the right office furniture supplier is essential

As our modern working environment changes, the best office furniture retailers are finding new ways to help solve their customers' special furniture requirements.

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Support Edgecumbe Furniture Drive

Modern Office joined forces with Rise Up Tauranga to coordinate a massive furniture drive to help Edgecumbe residents - the response was fantastic.

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