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Cascade Screens

Cascade™ Hanging Screens are spatial and acoustic partitions that fall elegantly from the ceiling to the floor – fixed or suspended at either end via the Cascade™ suspension kit. The Cascade™ family consists of three distinct screen styles – static, folding, and expanding – each made from 100% polyester fibre with delicate water-cut patterns.

Static screens are 1200mm by 2400mm, ideal for holding space without obstructing sightline in open-plan environments. Folding screens are the same dimensions, although their water-cut patterns fold out, increasing surface area for acoustic absorption.

Expanding screens start at 1200mm by 2400mm, growing 100% in size through a series of intricate cuts to form fine, lace-esque patterns.

Lightweight yet sturdy, Cascade™ Hanging Screens are semi-permanent by nature; easy to install, uninstall, and move around your space as required.


Delivers excellent acoustic performance
A complete system, lightweight and incredibly easy to handle
Easy to retrofit in to an existing space
Semi-permanent so that you can change your space if required
Environmentally conscious product with recycled material content and no added chemical binders
Low VOC, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and contains no Red List chemicals — great for IEQ
Warranty 5 years


Various sizes and configurations available, please contact us to discuss your requirements


Made to order in New Zealand
Lead time 4 weeks