• Atlas

    With its innovative design, Atlas adds an aesthetic look and order to work areas, homes and social spaces.

    Atlas has a 360 degree rotation to help you what you are looking for easily. This multi-directional usage provides a practical yet unique element, allowing efficient use of a space.

    Atlas works well as a space divider in open offices and social areas.

    Use as a single or triple cabinet with 3 height options available.

    Please Note: this product has an appoximate 16 week lead time.

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    Body Colour
    Oak R. Veneer Oak R. Veneer
    Walnut R. Veneer Walnut R. Veneer
    Black R. Veneer Black R. Veneer
    Blurred Oak Veneer Blurred Oak Veneer
    Chestnut Veneer Chestnut Veneer
    Sapelli Veneer Sapelli Veneer
    Sycamore Veneer Sycamore Veneer
    Teak Veneer Teak Veneer
    V. Walnut Veneer V. Walnut Veneer
    Walnut Veneer Walnut Veneer
    White Oak Veneer White Oak Veneer
    Lacquer 0001 Lacquer 0001
    Lacquer 9016 Lacquer 9016
    Lacquer 9006 Lacquer 9006
    Lacquer 0020 Lacquer 0020
    Lacquer 0040 Lacquer 0040
    Shelf Colour
    Metal 9010 Metal 9010
    Metal 0020 Metal 0020
    Metal 0040 Metal 0040
    Metal 8019 Metal 8019
    Metal 0001 Metal 0001

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