• Oliver Buffet Unit


    Oliver is the joker of the family - fun and frivolous, yet you just can't function without him… he completes the set.

    There is no doubt that the purpose this beautiful sideboard serves is deliciously practical, yet the twist - because there is always a twist - is that Oliver is eye-wateringly handsome. The grain of the hand selected timber is enhanced by the stain, the lines of the cabinet have been calculated to give him perfect dimensions, and the feature carving on the front is symbolic of his place in today's home.

    It may be whimsical, but the circle seems to represent the way in which the full circle has turned: increasingly collectors have an appreciation that the pieces of furniture that historically would have been a part of most homes, did indeed serve a very specific purpose, and more and more families are striving to reintroduce them. Of course to suit today's needs versatility is key, and Oliver is a buffet that much like the mythical enchanted wardrobe, opens to reveal a whole new world. Inserts allow this cabinet to be customized in a way that allows it to be equally at home in the mayhem of the family dining room or the structured surrounds of the boardroom.


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