• Nest


    The Nest range of flip tables provide fast and easy versatility - they can be used in many areas, from meeting rooms to training centres, work areas to home offices.

    Place them side by side to form a square, or in a U or V formation for different meeting room setup. Quickly change the layout to suit different meeting types or sizes.

    Nest has middle flip tables, starter flip tables and straight flip tables which are suitable for different needs and work environments. They can be stored away easily without taking up too much space.

    Available in a range of different colour options.



    Sapelli Veneer Sapelli Veneer
    Chestnut Veneer Chestnut Veneer
    Sycamore Veneer Sycamore Veneer
    Teak Veneer Teak Veneer
    Walnut Veneer Walnut Veneer
    White Oak Veneer White Oak Veneer
    V. Walnut Veneer V. Walnut Veneer
    Blurred Oak Veneer Blurred Oak Veneer
    Oak R. Veneer Oak R. Veneer
    Walnut R. Veneer Walnut R. Veneer
    Black R. Veneer Black R. Veneer
    Melamine 001 Melamine 001
    Melamine 002 Melamine 002
    Melamine 003 Melamine 003
    Melamine 006 Melamine 006
    Melamine 050 Melamine 050
    Melamine 051 Melamine 051
    Melamine 052 Melamine 052
    Melamine 053 Melamine 053
    Melamine 054 Melamine 054
    Leg Colour
    Metal 0001 Metal 0001
    Metal 0002 Metal 0002
    Metal 9010 Metal 9010
    Metal 0020 Metal 0020
    Metal 0040 Metal 0040
    Metal 8019 Metal 8019
    Metal 9006 Metal 9006
    Optional Mesh Modesty Panel
    SCR0001 SCR0001
    SCR0005 SCR0005
    SCR0010 SCR0010

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