Evolving around the idea of creating solutions that radiate positive energy and empathy, Modern Office furniture supplier Nurus left its mark in the new Allianz headquarters' offices. Allianz Turkey was previously operating across two different sites, however the new office brought their 1700 employees together under the one roof.

All 22 floors, from all the open offices and social spaces to the cafés and quiet spaces, were designed by Swanke Haydenn Connell Architects to cater to the meeting, resting, gathering and fun needs of the staff. This unique project, which reflects Nurus’ concept of cheerful offices, has office floors defined with sports and arts that are components of Allianz’s corporate identity and sophisticated culture.

Nurus has achieved the impossible by cooperating seamlessly with all parties involved in all stages of the project, including the architecture company, project coordination and suppliers. The assembly and fitting of the major project covering 22 floors took a mere 40 days, even though it would be projected to be completed in 2 months under normal conditions.

The Allianz office obtained the LEED CI Gold certificate with its sustainable interior design, while the Allianz Tower holds LEED Core&Shell certification.

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