Today there is no space for cubic systems, closed areas, divided partitions and hierarchic arrangements that are obvious from a distance. The era of individual performance-oriented workers sharing common ideas in the workspace is over.

Today’s ideal workspace incorporates all ideas and skills. The new business world is founded on success, efficiency, technology and open minds, all centered around open offices. Deloitte’s new office is exactly this kind of place. Spread across 12,500 m2, each square metre is its own work culture. 2500 m2 is dedicated to education and motivation, 800 m2 is spared for social interaction, and 350 m2 is for the Deloitte Café that provides additional space for free work culture and social interaction.

Common work areas are designed to be accessible to anyone, open for sharing and providing sustainability. Therefore, minds united toward a common goal can work easily together. The solution for variable needs can be found through flexible workspaces which adapt to the needs of the work. Our mobile lives demand mobile offices. Demand for group work, private work, quiet and social areas can be accommodated to everyone’s satisfaction.

For personal and business-related calls, phone booths are used in the office. Wi-Fi allows Deloitte to have a cable free environment - there are 70 meeting rooms with wireless screens and software that allows a faster interaction between telephones and computers. The end result: an interactive, highly-motivated, happy, team-oriented philosophy.

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