Open plan offices are continuously replacing the older, cubicle-heavy style of offices and are now commonplace in many industries. We all know about the many benefits they offer including increased collaboration, idea exchange, cost-effectiveness and communication between colleagues.

However the need for privacy and sectioned quiet areas is still crucial for those tasks that require concentration and a quiet space.

Here are 7 ways you can use furniture to add privacy in open plan offices.

1. Tambours and planters
Tambours are always a popular option in office fit-outs due to their practicality and multiple benefits - stylish storage, an opportunity to add a touch of greenery to a space with planters and their use as a space divider.

2. Shelving and storage units
The beauty of shelving and storage units is their multi-purpose use, as they can be utilised for both storage and separating panels.

3. Highback soft seating
Ideal to set up designated quiet spaces, highback seating is an ideal option for private work or phone calls, with the option to also position together to cater for small meetings and team work.

4. Desk mounted screens or free standing partitions
A quick and easy yet practical way of providing privacy and reducing noise in an open plan work area. Partitions reduce noise levels crossing the office and are flexible in terms of reconfiguration.

5. Pod workstations
Pod workstations like Isola (pictured) create spaces which allow concentration and communication to co-exist. Use for individual work where high concentration is required. The panels provide acoustic absorption with panel heights designed to facilitiate uninterrupted eye-sight activity.

6. Plants
A visually stunning way to separate spaces - not to mention the numerous other benefits they provide including improved air quality and enhanced well-being.

7. Acoustic hanging screens or panels
Multi-purpose in nature, these provide privacy and minimise noise. Hanging screens not only provide these benefits, but are also stunningly stylish.

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